7 S i n s  P r o j e c t s

The TIGER LILLIES & Lukas Maximilian Hüller

Martyn Jaques and Viennese photo-artist Lukas Maximilian Hüller met the first time at THE TIGER LILLIES performance „Mountains of Madness“ in Berlin. At this time none of them did know about the others new project: the seven deadly sins.

While Martyn Jaques music was first inspired by Hieronymus Bosch´s impressive tryptych „The Last Judgement“ (which dominates the west wing of the Academie of Fine Arts in Vienna), Lukas Maximilian´s point of departure to his sinful explorations in staged photoghraphy was Hieronymus Bosch´s „The Seven Deadly Sins“ (at the Prado, Madrid).

Lukas Maximilian talkes about a „familiar feeling“ he had while getting addicted to The Tiger Lillies music and this feeling should be the beginning of their artistic cooperation: a musical-visual crossover
The Tiger Lillies feature Lukas Maximilian´s impressive photoset of „Anger“ (Wrath) in summer 2006 and two years later Lukas Maximilian´s photographs turn out to be visual part of the Tiger Lillies 7 deadly Sins Show.
And the eleven 7 deadly sins songs accompany the eleven 7 deadly sins photographs on their exhibitions arround the world.

All the 7 deadly sins photographs are real staged panoramic photosets without any digital manipulations. The project is realized since 2004 in cooperation with belgian artist Etienne Tombeux, the 7 sins cycle is going to be finished with the interpretation of „Envy“ in June 2008. The book will be presented end of August 2008 in Berlin at Galerie Caprice Horn.





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